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The Van Beusekomís apparently originated in this town in Holland.  Some 25 kilometers to the south-east of Utrecht. Hopefully we can get a more inclusive map which will include Utrecht.. Posted 11-21-04

The photo above was taken in 1923 in Holland at the 50th marriage anniversary of Cornelius Van Beusekom (second row to the right of the little girls in white) and Antje Gresnigt (to the left of the girls). Cornelius had four brothers including: Johannes (last person to the right in the second row sitting next to the Reverend w/white collar, Goof (right above the reverend), Anthonius (not on photo), and Hermanus (not on photo). Hermanus (1828-1927) (my...Ralph...Grandfather Hermanus moved to Delano, Minnesota (USA) in 1909 and so is the ancestor of the Van Beusekom family in and around Minneapolis. Johannes is the ancestor of the Bernardus and Albertus families in Holland which many of us have met. Cornelius is the Great Grandfather of Herman van Beusekom of Groenlo and had a special interest in seeds and gardening. Herman's Grandfather (1875-1929) is a son of Cornelius and Gerard van Beusekom's (of Toronto) Father. Cornelius (1887-1972) is also a son of the same Cornelius. It was Herman van Beusekom of Groenlo in Holland who provided this photo for us to copy and we thank him for that. Herman's cousin, Ine van de Moosdijk-Rood sent the photo to Herman and we wish to thank her also for making this photo available.


Photo Above...shows seven of the eight children of Hermanus van Beusekom (1806-1866) and Hermina de Groot (1818-1906) Their daughter Hermina, died in 1889, or some 20 years before this photo was taken. The front row. left to right, shows Anthonius (1852-1917), Cornelis (1844-1925) and Aletta (1848-1935). In the back row, left to right, are Maria (1860-1946), Hermanus (1858-1927), Johannes (1849-1944) and Godefridus {Govert} (1854-1926). The picture was taken outside Abstederdijk 7, Utrecht, The Netherlands, in the year 1909. Hermanus van Beusekom (1858-1927) and Elisabeth de Wit (1865-1925) resided at that location from 1885 until 1891. They then moved to Achttienhoven (Maarsen) and from there, in the spring of 1909, to Delano, MN, USA. Hermanus had already immigrated to the USA when this picture was taken and his image was subsequently obtained & added


Johannes had his house on Abestederdijk rebuilt on the old foundation, but in a Moorish/Spansh style. The construction was completed in 1908. The extensive use of arches and the rather ornate style, combined with its white exterior made for a spectacular looking residence. It was demolished around 1968, to make way for a traffic intersection.Our thanks to Gerard van B of Toronto and Mark Van B of the Twin Cities, MN for this photo and info.

Pictured above is a photo of My (Ralph) Grandfather Hermanus and his wife Elizabeth de Wit and 13 of their children...taken around 1916. Hermanus is the brother referred to above who emigrated to Delano, Minnesota USA with this large family in 1909.

Front Row: Theodorus (1909-1962)..Johanna (1907-1987)..Johannes (1911-2003)                                                                                                                              Center Row: Anthonius (1906-1924..Hermanus (1858-1927) Hermina (1886-1961) Elizabeth (1865-1925) Godefridus (1905-1987)

Back Row: Hermanus (1890-1971)..Cornelis (1898-1957). Elizabeth (1901-1990). Marie (1899-1918)..Aletta (1894-1945) Jacobus (1892-1920).                     Albertus (1888-1953)

Pictured left (1909) is Cornelis van Beusekom, Grandfather of Gerard van Beusekom of Toronto, Canada. He is a brother to Herman's (Groenlo) Great Grandfather in top photo and also a brother to my Grandfather Hermanus...see photo above.  Cornelis was born in Utrecht on December 15, 1844 and died there on October 31, 1925



Above are four of Dadís (Herman Sr.) siblings in the 1930ís..from the left...Ted...Cornelius(Case)...John...and ???