Here are some pictures from the July 25, 2004 - Elsen Reunion

Above we see the Gertrude Elsen clan all decked out in pea green for the big reunion held at the Lorraine Peterson farm on 25 July 04.  Below is a photo of the whole gang as they sang Lang Zal Ze Leven before departing for their respective homes.  Lorraine and her family did a marvelous job of organizing the this grand Elsen reunion event.


The John/Eileen Elsen clan above

The Pete/Caroline Elsen clan

All the youngins..Brent..Nate & Matt V.B. and Hunter & Connor Staack

Herman Jr. with Jeanne Loeffler

I know she was at the reunion but just canít come up with her name...any help folks...

It was reported this couple came together to the reunion....Linda, Colleen and Deanne swear it was their parents..  Added 11-1-04