And sadly the Ralph & Ruth clan once again find it is time to button up the lake as the sun rises on an early fall morning

Pictured above is the whole Ralph/Ruth fmily

Nice catch of fish by Rob/Nancy kids

Here comes the home run by Brent

Clyde (below) is obviously a bad influence on Ralph

Taken the day Mommy told Nathan & Matt in the parking lot at the Dr. office that Matt had to be very careful of using his hip due to Perthes-Legg disease. Big brother Nate takes over.

Randy & friend Ann

Ralph commissioned as 2LT on 23 Mar 53

Ruth graduates as a registered nurse in 1952.

Ralph retires from Air Force as a Lt.Col on 30 June 1978 with a bit of aging over the 25 years

Rick (above) is the one on the right..the other is the horse and what is Karen doing under the horse!!!

Cole (11) Leah (13) Brent (7)..Christmas 04

March 2005 finds Ralph & Ruth’s whole family spending a couple weeks on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. The five on the left are Rob/Nancy & their is Ruth and Ralph...then Randy & to the far right are Rick/Karen and their two kids.  We celebrated Leah’s(third from left..back row) 14th birthday on 24 March at a Luauu. All enjoyed the trip.

Posted 7-17-05

So how do I get rid of this &&%%##@@ camel?

Xmas party 12-15-06

Cute kid, huh!!! Ralph 1930

50 years later

These R&R 50th anniv photos taken on 11-4-06

Ruth & Siblings



Brent...summer ‘06