Guess who is currently visiting Neil & Makiko (below right)) and Saya (below) in Japan? None other than Grandpa Rick & Grandma Sharon...Enjoy your stay. she gorgeous or what???


What a gorgeous setting for a wedding!!!

How would you like to meet these Amigos on a dark night?

Whos’ the dude in the white suit?

Rumpza extended family clan

Marie & Ed Heimerl 7-03 Added 11-1-04

     Alex & Jason Grassie

The whole AMM/MARIE clan.      Added 11-7-04

Lynnea Moore 7-02

The Slettehaugh family and Ed Heimerl all together enjoying the holidays in 2004...posted 1/10/05

Proud parents of Skylar Marie

Postings.. 3-6-07

Right...2006 Messiah party at Rick/Karen

Ralph R&R 50th