Helen  Lovely one

Herman       The Godfather

10-29-04...A message from Gary to Ralph on learning Ralph turned 75....Boy--- you are an old xxxx (word omitted)! Happy Birthday!
My first recollection of you, I was laying on the living room wood floor(pre-carpet) playing with my log truck (my other two toys were my clown puzzle and oatmeal box drum) and seeing you come though the front door in your uniform. That had to be close to 50 years ago, and I probably thought that you were old back then.
And by the way, Kathy had mass quantities of toys. And lets not even bring up quality and quantity of toys that were bestowed on precious once he came along!


Yes, the tradition continues as we see Herman Jr to the far left at his High School graduation.

To the left are the children & spouses of Herman & Helen.

Left Mark & Kathy enjoying Mark’s 50th birthday party


Kathy & Mark



Andrew Kachelmyer & Justin Sherlock


These good looking young men and Krista are the Grandchildren of Herman & Helen. Photo taken in July 2003.

Krista..daughter of Ron & Kathy Van B.

Craig graduation from the Air Force Academy

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Thanksgiving ‘06..Craig home on leave..Pam & Gary hosts

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Kathy above & below

Ronnie Baby