In the future, we plan to elaborate much more on the Elsen story here..                                                  So be sure to come back and visit.                                            The first section on this page will relate to the family of my Motherís Brother, Theodore.who stayed in Holland.


When Gertrude Elsenís large family emigrated to the US in 1910 with her parents and siblings, her brother Theodore (Ted) below right, stayed there as he was then the Burgemeester (mayor) of Naaldwijk, and he and his wife raised a family of 8 children. One of them was killed in WWII.  The news article below relates to Tedís removal from his office as Mayor when the Nazis occupied Holland. Half a year after his replacement in office he became a burgemeester in Rijswijk, a much bigger town.. There he died in 1950. Holland is the only country in the world where a burgemeester is appointed by the queen. In a few years from now, however, things will change as it is everywhere else..chosen by the people...As told to me by Harry (photo below), during the German occupation he and his Brothers were at the "delivery" age. That means that they could be sent to Germany to occupy the places of the German soldiers in factory's and on farms. But all of them found a place to hide from the Germans, sometimes in jobs that officially were free. .So Harry spent two years on a river-freighter as a sailor.


This article (left) was printed in the 40ís in the Delano Eagle during WWII and was based on an article in the Knickerbocker Weekly in Holland.

ABOVE: The Children of Ted Elsen in Holland, youngest to oldest, from left to right as follows:

Jan..Retired School Principal
Deputy Director General for Health
Mieke..Retired Nurse
Gerritt..Retired Burgemeester..Veldhoven
Wim ???
Nick..Retired Burgemeester..Loven

I....(Ralph) took the photo above on the day of Bartís funeral (Miekeís husband) when we visited Holland in 1985.


Below is a photo of Joseph...the eighth child of the Ted Elsen family. Joseph was killed during WWII fighting with the allies in Indonesia.

The Elsen home place of Beneden Leeuwen is shown on the map below..   We will try to get some photos if possible of Beneden Leeuwen

These photos published on 6-1-05

Photo above is Harry Elsen..also shown with his siblings above.  Harry is now retired and was the Netherlands Deputy Director General for Health during his career. To the left we see the smiling children of Harry & his wife taken some years ago  His wife,Fieny, died ten and a half years ago. Harry is lucky to have a friend, Elyzabeth now. Harry & his sister Mieke are the only two living of the eight siblings.

Above A windmill in the Elsen hometown of Beneden Leeuwen

Brothers John (left) and Gijsbert Elsen...taken in the year of ______(help)

The Elsen family in Holland before their immigration in sure to click on this one. Posted 8-10-07