Ken Marsh & Jim McCann

Yes, the big news is that Clarence Elsen had an 80th birthday party on 11-20-04. Clarence & Orla’s whole family (photo far right) and many relatives and friends helped him celebrate the affair.

Posted on 11-20-04

Dr. Mariken Elsen (onderwijskundig adviseur at Universiteit Leiden) Mariken is the daughter of our first cousin Harry Elsen who I believe lives in Den Hague. Photo taken at Lorraine Peterson’s last May when Mariken visited America.

Posted on 11/20/04

Mariken Elsen from Holland with her American cousins & cousin in-laws May ‘04

Posted 11-21-04

Kathy Elsen..Elaine Elsen & Jeanne Loeffler

The Peter & Caroline Elsen kids & in-laws

The young cousins.. right.Kathy Marsh & Karen McCann

Louise Elsen & Marie Elsen (above)Art & Kathy Kenyon & Cork & Elaine Elsen (below).                                                

Double cousins Lorraine Peterson & Betty Barthel

Above 6 photos Posted 1-19-05

Loraine Peterson & family...taken at their farm in July 2005

Posted 12-30-05

Henry avid hunter..holding a string of mallards with the deer hanging in the background.  Photo taken sometime in the 30’s.    Posted 4-19-06

Alma (wife of Jim Elsen) and children Steve Elsen, Jean Brown and Chris Elsen on 8-23-07

St Walberg’s catholic church in Fletcher, MN where Karen and Jim McCann and Alma & Jim Elsen were married.

These 2 photos posted 9-7-07