Ed and Helen > Grotz

Keep smiling  Deanne

Wes and Colleen Webber

What a cutup Ed Grotz is!!!

Chris says..”Whatever it is, I can do it”.

Go for the basket, Lisa

The whole Grotz clan..

The Webber wedding

Was it a New Years eve kiss....Helen and Amm

Ed Grotz broke down an actual spinning wheel of his Grandma’s...and he and his brother Wally are now in the process of making exact replicas of the original for each of their children.

Becky Nelson has been promoted to the position of Distribution LOP in Yoplait effective 10/25/04.  She will be scheduling all 6oz yogurt cups and whips. She will be in New York through Friday 10/22 and then transition to Minneapolis.        One of the young ladies above is Becky <:)

Two photos to the R...Helen’s 80th birthday party in Nov 05...Top Helen/Ed kids & grandkids. Lower....Deanne & children.