Our family member Arthur de Leeuw lives in Oss, the Netherlands and has become an avid artist since he retired and would like to share some of his paintings with Windmill readers. My Mother’s - Mother (Grandma Elsen) was Margareta de Leeuw and married to Nicholas Elsen. Arthur’s Grandfather is a brother to my Grandmother Margareta.   We can now say we are related to that famous Dutch painter named Arthur de Leeuw.                                                                                                               The photo (below left) taken in April 2005 is of Arthur and his wife Janny.  (Lower left is of Arthur & Janny..Char, the most famous medium in the USA..their daughter Claudia and son-in-law Kenneth.                                                                                            The paintings shown here are small so be sure to click on each one for a larger view.                                                                                                                                                                                                


Claudia, Art & Jan on Art’s 70th birthday Aug 09

Posted 8-15-05

Arthur & Jan photo in the year they were both 65..Posted 10-31-06

Paul de Leeuw (son of Art & Janny) died 3-95. Posted 2-27-08

Photo of Arthur & Janny 2-08 Posted 2-16-08

These are Arthur and Jan de Leeuw’s three grandchildren, Levi (son) Elise (daughter) and newborn Kenzo (son) Photo of 13 April 07.

Posted 4-26-07

 Janny..Claudia.. Levi & Arthur coming from Greece  Posted 1-19-09

Paul & Claudia, children of Arthur & Jan de Leeuw

Eline sweet innocense Posted 8-10-09

Posted 12-15-08

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These photos posted 5-18-05

TOP ROW...left to right is Arthur & Janny’s daughter Claudia & her child--the family of Lions..Nicole Kidman (Australian born & US actress)...The girl with the pearl earring painted by the famous Dutch painter Vermeer... SECOND ROW ..left to right...the three graces...an F15 jet of the Royal Dutch Air Force of which Arthur was a member at one time....Girl from a NY advertisement...Girl at the beach...THIRD ROW..Nicole Kidman..The Tiger...the lady blowing fire is a metaphor for positive energy...Street scene in Gelderland, the Netherlands near Wamel.

Above photos transferred from Elsen Extended family on 11-21-05

         Elvis Presley   Posted 10-22-05    Tiger

Nicole Kidman Posted 2-6-08

Nicole Kidman....        Street scene near Cannes, France  St. Nicholas of Russia

I am with you in thought

Posted 10-14-06

The famous Mona Lisa ..original painting by Leonardo da Vinci

Posted 20 Dec 05

Angel from the Museum Koln(Germany) around 1530 Schnutgen Gallery

Scene in Europe         painted on 4 Jan 06

Mother & child goats

Posted 30 Jan 06

de Leeuw’s cat named Pussy..died May ‘05

Harry Potter & his friend in the Potter film

Cat & Potter posted 2-10-06

Eline..granddaughter of Art & Janny..18 months old

Posted 2-23-06

Levi, Grandson of Arthur & Janny

Posted 18 April 06

A beautiful girl

Posted 3-16-06

Woman in Arts music life

Posted 4-8-06

de Leeuw Grandchildren Levi & Eline just out of the bathtub.

Posted 5-8-06

A house in Italy Posted 20 May 06

Janny...wife of Art Posted 6-10-06

  Rembrandt van Rijn The great Dutch painter Posted 7-24-06

The unforgettable Lady Posted 8-1-06

 Portrait of a little town... Megen (Holland) close by Oss situated on the river The Meuse.   Posted 8-30-06

Window command.. a fine view of Peruga (Italy  Posted 11-11-06


Such beautiful colors Posted 8-30-06

Ballerina          Posted 11-8-06

Verandah in Italy near Rome   Posted 10-5-6


An abstract painting

Posted 11-09-06


Diane Grassie as teenager

Posted 10-10-06

Beautiful Indonesian woman

The glory of freedom Posted Jan 07

Nicole Kidman        Posted Jan 07

Empress of Austria & Hungary..called Sissi...Posted 2-5-07

The seven languish bridge in Venice, Italy

Posted 3-6-07

Beautiful woman with horse type haircut                     Posted 3-20-07

Mother earth woman likely .. Posted 4-2-07

painting from a house in Greece (Kreta) Posted 5-18-07


Tiger..posted 7-9-07

This is non other than Ralph Van Beusekom.. Thanks Arthur        Posted 7-25-07

Jos (Mother) and daughter (Tamara) Van Herpen..5-29-07

Nicole Kidman      Posted 9-Sep-07

         Deer..             Posted 30-Aug 07

Grace Kelly        Posted 11-6-07

     Sunset       Posted 12-27-07

L to R...Eline, Claudia & Janny...three generations of the deLeeuw family.Posted 10-4-07

Princess Maxima (soon to be Queen) of The Netherlands Posted 10-24-07

The clowns           Posted on 1-8-08

Young girl at the beach beach Posted 1-28-08

Out to sea   Posted 2-6-08

House in Kos,Greece    Posted 2-16-08

Mario Lanza The most excellent tenor ever Posted 4-1-08

Princess Maxima..future Queen of Netherlands.. Posted 11-7-07


Greece house in Corfu    Posted 1-16-08

 Lion Posted 30 Jan 08

A relaxed Woman Posted 2-6-08

abstract painting..3D shade of colours Posted 2-27-08

Art’s house hairdresser..Kim Posted 4-7-08

Friendly Bear Posted 11-23-07

The Painting from the Marriage of Hanneke and John de Louw ..related to Arthur

House of friend of de Leeuw in Beneden Leeuwn..1-17-08

Beach near Scheveningen in the Netherlands 1850 Posted 30 Jan 08

Lord as child & HIS Mother Painted 4-05..Posted 2-11-08

Rens de Jong, grandson of John Broess. Posted 12-5-08

Two buddies    Posted 4-28-08

Top model from the Netherlands   Doutzen Kroes Posted 5-12-08

                                     Posted 7-29-08

Beautiful lady...WOW!Posted 8-13-08

Mr.Sean Connery/Mr.Bond 007

Posted 10-14-08

Art & Janny’s grandchildren  Posted 7-29-08

Arthur and Janny..the Lion

Tiger Posted 10-23-08

Lard van de Oever from Wamel  Posted 12-10-08


Eline  Posted 1-23-09

Daughter Claudia Posted 6-6-09

Flower posted 9-8-09

unnamed lady 11-15-09

Arthurs Italian hairdresser    OmbrettaBotattazi  Posted 4-13-09

Michael Jackson Posted 8-10-09

un-named Posted 10-5-09

Painting of Art & Janny’s Grandchildren...Levi, Kenzo & Eline Posted 3-11-09

 Obama’s Posted Aug 09

The man who wants to be a clown Posted 10-12-09

Mario Lanza.posted 2-5-10